About Me

Greetings, Earthlings.

I'm Jenn.  I grew up in small town Indiana, but never learned to play euchre. I had a nearly perfect childhood/young adulthood and was fortunate to spend much time with great family & friends.  I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English at a proverbial small liberal arts college near Cleveland. And, after college, I pursued a multidisciplinary Master of Letter's degree at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. I traveled a lot when I was younger and have visited many areas in Western Europe and Egypt.  I've worked a slew of jobs since 1998, but many of them have involved research and writing of some sort.  

I was married for 11 years to the father of my kiddo until we divorced in 2009.  We moved to Iowa City in 2006, and I've been working at the University of Iowa in some capacity ever since (I've been with the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science for the past six years).  Our son, Milos (now 15 & a high school sophomore), makes me proud with his twisted sense of humor & sense of self. I remarried in March 2012, and enjoy spending my time playing board games with my husband and our friends, keeping up with friends (old and new), writing, painting, and trying to enjoy life.

I'm a 41-year-old secular humanist atheist who is currently feeling the Bern.
I'm pretty awful at navigating, but I could bring a good attitude and lots of love to an apocalypse party. I like to eat and cook, watch movies (especially horror -for reasons unknown even to me) and sci-fi. Furthermore, I'm an introvert with extrovert tendencies, but I am very much a textbook Cancer with an INFP personality.

I'm still holding out hope for a ghost or yeti sighting, but nothing as of yet.

I'm pretty open, so if you want to know anything else, just say so!


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