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The Real Hero

"Grandmother, what big eyes you have!"
"Grandmother, what big teeth you have!"
"Grandmother, what a big tail you have!"

Why is it that Grandmother always gets the raw end of the deal?

First off, her grandkid selfishly eats all of the goodies & doesn't even know where she lives.  Secondly, the wolf that she's been feeding scraps for years suddenly turns against her.  And finally, when Grandmother goes missing no one even seems to notice (Red goes so far as being totally insulting while simultaneously clueless.)

Well, it's about time for Grandmother to end this vicious cycle.  Somebody needs to tell her that 60 is the new 50, that wolves do not make good pets, and that grandkids can be punks. I want to see Grandmother feel good about going to movies by herself, learning new skills, and visiting far-off lands.

Come on, Grandmother.  Get your story together and shout it through the forest!

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